Knit Collage Swirl

99% Wool 1% Angelino 60ish yards Works on US #13 to 19 needle  Gauge approximately 7 to 11 stitches = 4"
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Knit Collage Swirl is a mixture of vibrant colors, earthy neutrals and shimmering sparkles that are all hand carded together. Swirl is made from non-museled merino wool from Australia and the tiniest bit of sparkly Angelina fibers that are made from polyester in the US. After carding, the fibers are handspun into a super soft thick and think yarn.  This fiber is a bit thinner than many of the Knit Col textures, making it ideal for sweaters too!

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  • Chocolate
  • Cobalt Heather
    Cobalt Heather
  • Day Dream
    Day Dream
  • Icy Blues
    Icy Blues
  • Pink Punch
    Pink Punch
  • Ruby Red
    Ruby Red
  • Spell Bound
    Spell Bound