Barrington Beanie -- Worsted Weight Pattern



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This is the SAME pattern as our Chunky Cashmere Beanie only it's adjust for a gauge that equals 15 stitches to 4" on US #10 1/2 needle.  The only thing that matters with knitting is GAUGE!  You might get this gauge using a #9 because you knit loose, or you might needle a #11 because you're super tight!  We suggest using our Zara Plus Merino! 2 balls makes this hat (or get 3 balls, enough for THREE hats!)

However, if the label on your ball says 14 or 15 = 4" then you can use that yarn!  Follow our videos on Instagram TV (it's the little button that looks like a TV icon) and we have step by step instructions for this hat!  I'll post more videos Tues Oct 29th in the evening!!! 

You will need 100 yards of yarn with the correct gauge, one size #9 and #10 1/2 16" circular (hat) needles, a tapestry needle (or a crochet hook) and a ring marker (or look at my "connect in the round" video for how to make one!).

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