Care Instructions

Handle our yarn and products with care.  In general, all washing/care instructions are either written on our website or on the actual item.  We are not responsible if your washing machine does not have cold water or does not have a delicate cycle.  If you are unsure that your washing machine will be gentle with your finished knit item, we suggest dry cleaning from a reputable establishment.

Some hand dyed yarns bleed on your hands, fingers and or needles when working your project. This can and does sometimes happen.

If your needles get ruined (and you purchased the yarn from us) we will replace them within 60 days from when you purchased the yarn as long as you provide a recent photo of you with the yarn and the damaged needles.  We are not responsible for broken knitting needles, however, we will replace any DREAMZ or LYKKE needles purchased from Jennifer Knits if they broke within 60 days of purchase. You are responsible for any shipping costs to and from.

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